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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who are you again?

We are We try to provide high-quality images and resources to churches and organizations. You can read more about us at the About Us page.

2) How are you funded?

In short, we aren't. All the images and other resources, the site, the support, it's all handled by people in their spare time, with a passion for the Lord and His works.

3) Do you take donations?

No. Well, at least not at this time. If managing this site becomes more than can be borne by those who do, we may have to find sources of funding. But until then: No. But thank you =]. If you want to support us, you can post a link to us on your website!

4) Everything on this site looks really odd. What's up?

If you are seeing repeating images, funky backgrounds, blue edges on images, or other errata, chances are, you're using Internet Exploder - we mean - Explorer version 6. To put it bluntly, because we have no funding, we can't see it to be reasonable to support an 8 year old browser that is incredibly innaccurate in rendering CSS or other browser technologies. We would highly recommend that you migrate to a more modern, standards compliant, secure browser, such as Firefox, Safari, or *egads* IE7

5) What are the different file extensions? What do they mean?

There are 8 main types of extensions that will appear in the "File Types Provided" Field. These are .jpg, .png, .psd, .ai, .keynote, .pptx, .mov, and .avi. They are broken down for you here in more detail, by appropriate area:

Worship Backgrounds

  • .jpg - Stands for "Joint Photographic Experts Group," The name of the group that came up with the standard. It is one of the most prevalent image formats available on the web. Images offered in .jpg format are not editable in their base aspects. You can still work with the image and add to it, you just cannot modify the base aspects of the image.
  • .png - Stands for "Portable Network Graphics," and is one of the most versatile image formats available. It can be displayed in almost any browser or viewer. It's also the base format of Adobe Fireworks, and if noted as .png-edit this means the the source file is available!
  • .psd - Photoshop format. This type of file cannot be natively displayed in most browsers or image viewers, and is usually provided alongside a .png or .jpg so that you can have access to the source file
  • .ai - Adobe Illustrator format. Like .psd, this file type cannot be viewed in most browsers or viewers, but is the editable source of a .png or .jpg.

Sermon Slides

  • .keynote - This file type is for sermon slides in iWork Keynote format. Useable only on Macs running iWork, and in most cases, iWork '08 or better.
  • .ppt or .pptx - Microsoft Powerpoint format. .ppt is for "legacy" Office versions, .pptx is for Office 07 or better on a PC or Office:Mac 2008 on Macintosh systems.

Video Formats

  • .mov - QuickTime movie file, usually formatted in H.264. High quality video compression format boasting an impressive ratio of compression. Audio tracks and Video tracks are compressed together for no loss of sync and smaller file sizes. Not directly compatable with Sunday Plus! and Media Shout
  • .avi - Audio Video Interleave file format - introduced in 1992 by Microsoft and usually has double the file size of a comprable .mov. Audio and Video tracks are actually compressed on seperate channels and can result in loss of A/V sync on older machines. Compatable with most video softwares, including PVP, Media Shout, Sunday Plus!, and others.

6) What can I do with these images?

Our base intent is that you use them for what their main category designates them to be used for. But that's just our intent. You can actually use them for just about anything, so long as you attribute back to us should you post them online or otherwise distribute them. It's all covered in the CC license, available here.

7) I don't understand one bit of that license! Can you break it down for me?

It's pretty simple really:

  • You cannot redistribute these images unless you give proper attribution
  • You cannot use these images in a commercial or for-profit venture, with the exception of:
    • Churches that no longer fall under Not-for-Profit or 501c3 status.
    • Christian Organizations that no longer fall under Not-for-Profit or 501c3 status.
  • You can remix these images. That means you can do anything you want to them
  • You can use these images for just about any other project that you see fit.
If you have further questions, feel free to ask!