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Purple Rippled Waves
Purple Rippled Waves

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Submissions to be Included in the Ministry Imagery Library

if you want to support this ministry by submitting images for inclusion. As of right now, we are only accepting images via email. Please note that you must have the rights to redistribute these images, and we require the following paragraph to be included in the body of the email:

"I am submitting the attached file(s). The work that they represent is mine by right and/or I have express permission to redistribute these images without restriction. In the event that were to use these images on said site, they have the right to redistribute them as they see fit. will not be held accountable for any violations, copyright or otherwise, that may occur due to the use of these images, said accountability falls solely on myself."

It's just a bunch of legal stuff to protect this site from people who might have... obtained their images from other places on the web.

That said, if we choose to publish your images, you will be attributed, along with a link to your site, on the image browser! So, please, in your email, along with the images, include the name you wish to have published, along with a website that you would like to be linked to. Of couse, please refrain from requesting innapropriate sites. Secular sites are, for the most part, acceptable, but anything obscene or otherwise unacceptable will not be honored.

Thank you for supporting!


Please remember to include the paragraph above!